Backwashing is the process that cleans and removes the scum and debris that your sand filter traps during its filter cycle by a method of reversing the flow of water from to clean the sand. It is necessary to keep your sand clean to allow for proper water flow and keep your swimming pool clear without creating back pressure on your pump.

Backwashing usually takes about one-to-two minutes. Every backwash will use between 200 and 500 litres of water and it is illegal to pump this water to the street. Owning a swimming pool means one potentially wastes up to 500 litres of backwash water per backwash on cleaning the sand filter system.

The Go Green Guys Backwash Recycle Tank

The Backwash Tank system can be installed next to your pool pump or a distance away depending on your choice. It is a 260l or 500l Tank (depending on pool size and clients choice/budget). The tank must be mounted on a suitable firm surface and is tan/green in colour hence it will blend in with the surrounding environment. 

We connect the backwash outlet pipe from the pool pump to the top of the backwash tank to pump the water into the tank and fit two valves so that water can also be pumped to waste if needed.

Once your backwash is completed, the water is then left in the tank for 24 hours to allow the sediment and debris to settle at the bottom of the tank. The clear water can then be recycled back into the pool. This helps to maintain your pool water level without wasting water to top up your pool.

The by-pass function is to by-pass backwash water when needed. This is ideal when “wasting/cleaning” the pool water to get rid of severe sludge build-up (water not suitable for putting back into the pool).

This system is installed as an add-on to your existing pool filtration system and does not interfere with your normal day to day cleaning and use of your pool. This is a great system to install and will save you not only millions of litres of water during its lifetime but to save you money too and preserve our scarce drinking water resources.

For larger size pools such as in gyms, hotels, one can connect two or more tanks up in series for additional volume. Once installed the maintenance and services of such water saving system is very easy to maintain and use.

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