Backwash Systems

The Go Green Pool Backwash Tank is easy to use and eco-friendly. It stores and cleans backwash water and re-cycles it back to your swimming pool. The system could be installed near or far from your pool (wherever aesthetically pleasing).

To install/operate a system is simple:

  • We connect the backwash outlet pipe from the pool pump to the top of our back wash tank in order for the water to be pumped into the tank.
  • Once the back was has been completed and the tank is full the water is then left in the tank for 24 – 48 hours to allow the sediment and debris to settle at the bottom of the tank.
  • One can also add alum powder to speed up the process as this pulls the heavy particles to the bottom of the tank quicker.
  • When this process is finished, the water is re-cycled back into the pool by opening a Second valve on the tank. One can either connect a flexible hose to this outlet or we can plumb the tank into to the suction line of the pump for easy water return
  • Once the tank is empty, one can close the second valve and open the bottom valve to allow all the sludge and dirt to be flushed out of tank to waste or into the garden or a gutter depending on the tank location.
  • This process assists in maintaining your pool water level without wasting pool water.
  • The system also has a by-pass function to by-pass backwash water when needed with two valves. This is ideal when you want empty or vacuum the pool to get rid of algae/ sludge build-up (water not suitable for re-cycling as it to contaminated) or with the first seconds of the backwash water running through the system.
  • This system is easily installed as an add-on to your existing pool filtration system.
  • There are various tank sizes we offer depending on the pool size and filter size installed. The popular sizes are as follows: 260l for a pool of up to about 30000 – 3 bag filter 500l for a pool of up to about 60000 – 3 or 4 bag filter ( most popular ) 1000l for a pool of up to about 150000l – 4 or 5 bag filter
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