The pool covers/pool blankets are made of a special heavily UV Stabilized plastic ( Polyethylene ) to resist the effect of the ultra violet light from the sun and float on your pool water surface. The covers are manufactured in a square and then brought to site and trimmed to the shape of the pool on site, hence they do not cover the paving but instead are neat and tidy in the pool area.

They are not a safety cover but offer the following special properties:
We offer the following types of pool blanket materials:
standard pool cover
Standard 500 Micron Pool Cover
geobubble cover
Geobubble 400 Micron Pool Cover
solgaurd cover
Solguard+ 500 Micron Pool Cover

Roll Stations

Where pools are over 7 metres in length, a cover can require extra manpower to operate. The Standard & Deluxe Rollup Station for thermal covers adds convenience as well as a cover storage solution.




Guide to measuring your pool size

When quoting on a pool cover, we need the longest length and widest width.

Covers come in a rectangular shape and we cut to shape on site.

Below is a diagram of how you can measure your shaped pool.<

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