Energy-saving and pet safety benefits from a single pool cover.
Until now, a pool was only considered truly energy-efficient if covered with an thermal range. These covers are not recommended as a way to secure the pool for pet safety. The Energy-saving Solid Cover is a new cover which has been designed to offer the best of both these bestselling covers – a 50% reduction in energy loss as well as a 150kg weight tolerance to prevent pet drownings.
How does the Energy-saving Solid Cover save power?

Cover the pool with one or our Solid Solid Covers in various colours, this causes light entry to stop (light being what algae needs to grow). Leaves, debris and dust collect on the cover rather than in the water where they typically rot and alter pH, and need to be filtered out.

How does the Energy-saving Solid Cover keep pets safe?
This cover effectively creates a physical barrier over the water to prevent pet access. The durable solid cover is supported across the pool by aluminium battens that are secured into the material of the cover. A simple tamper-proof ratchet device is used to create the tension required.



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