Heating your pool with Solar Panels

Heating your swimming pool with solar panels is a proficient and simple way to both lower your electricity bills and keep your pool warm enough to swim throughout the year. Solar panel heating systems are simple to install, and last for 10 – 15 years, giving you a warm pool for an extended swimming season.

Like your home solar heating system, solar panels for pools turn the heat energy from the sun into something that is useful, renewable and sustainable. A good solar panel heating system can provide sufficient warm water to heat your pool for up to 8 months of the year. The scope of the heating system varies from one pool design to another. By installing solar panels for your swimming pool, the recreational use of an ordinary swimming pool can be increased by up to eight months a year, just by harnessing the energy from the sun.

In the past, heating the water of an outdoor pool would require you to use an electrical heater or some other type of energy consuming heating system. We can now use solar energy to heat the water using a simple solar panel heating system. Comfortable pool water temperature is rather lower compared to other uses of hot water to make the pool refreshing and enjoyable to use and to take the edge off the cold water

The use of solar panels has always been enjoyed by homeowners and we are available to help you achieve the goal of enjoying their pools most of the year round. At Go green Guys, we offer top-quality solar panels, together with correct installation to maximize its use.

We pride ourselves in having become a reputable company, specializing in the installation of pool heating solar panels which are manufactured utilizing UV stabilized polypropylene. These products deliver a longer lifespan in the sun, are aesthetically pleasing in their solid construction and can be customized to suit your roof’s shape and construction.

The panels are black I colour and consist of two big pipes, one on top and one on the bottom with lots of smaller capillary pipes in between. They come with a 10 year manufacturing warranty from the factory too.

The installation is very simple and takes about 4 – 6 hrs to complete and we include a bypass valve too so that the temperature can be monitored if need be.

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