4 Benefits of investing in a Heat Pump for pools

  • Energy efficiency

Pool heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient pool heating options available in the market. While electric resistance and gas heaters are recognized for their speed, the advantage does come at a cost – high monthly operation costs to be exact.

Pool heat pumps, on the other hand, are far more affordable. This is primarily because of the way that they generate heat. While electric heaters use resistors, and gas heaters burn fuel, pool heat pumps harvest natural heat. Using a small amount of electricity, pool heat pumps power a fan and compressor that pulls in hot air, converts it to heat energy, and transfers it directly to your water. But since most of the heat is sourced from nature itself, the pull-on electricity is substantially lower than that of an electric resistance heater. Which is why pool heat pumps offer such an impressive Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 6.0. this implies that for every unit of energy your pool heat pump consumes, it produces 6 units in return.

  • Cost effectiveness

With such an exceptional efficiency rating, it’s only logical that cost effectiveness follows suit. While pool heat pumps cost a bit more up front, they make up for it ten-fold with substantially lower operation costs.

  • Eco-friendly

In most cases, heat production calls for combustion of some kind. This is the case with gas heaters – for them to produce heat they must continuously burn gas. A process that unfortunately comes with some environmental consequences. The most prominent being a high rate of carbon dioxide emissions, which wreak havoc on the ozone layer. But pool heat pumps don’t have anything to burn. With a minimal pull on electricity, pool heat pumps harvest natural heat from the air. This means 2 things; pool heat pumps produce zero C02 emissions, making them highly eco-friendly.While you enjoy your pool’s soothing warm water, you are helping preserve the environment and keeping mother nature happy.

  • Durability

If you are going to invest in a pool heating solution, you want one that will last. And that’s exactly what you get with pool heat pumps. In fact, they are one of the longest-lasting pool heating solutions on the market.

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