Why should you choose Go Green Guys for all your Pool Heating Requirement?

Solar pool heating is a burgeoning trend that is increasing across South Africa.

South African homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in environmentally friendly products and reducing living costs. This is why most people are finding Go green Guys as the perfect service provider for all their pool heating requirements. Solar pool heating provides you with the advantage of a warmer pool to swim in.

Installing a solar pool heating array with Go Green Guys will extend your swimming season. If you have an indoor pool, solar heating will provide a year round solution to heating. In the case that you have an external pool, you may also be able to provide year round heating with a solar heater if you invest in a heat pump and pool blanket solution.

The precise extent to which your swimming season will be extended depends upon your unique environmental conditions and the type of solar heating you have. This means you have some choice in the matter too, if you only want to swim in your pool for 6 months a year, you do not need to opt for the most expensive solar heating. You can talk to our pool heating professionals about your swimming preferences and local environmental conditions to determine the best system for your pool.

Solar pool heating is the most reliable way to heat your pool. It’s also the cheapest in the long run. Once the system is installed, it’s paid for; you are only paying for the pump which you were probably already paying for as a filter pump. Solar pool heaters last longer than heaters with moving parts too, so there is less chance of it breaking down and very little maintenance is required.

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