Benefits of having a backwash pool system

There are several maintenance requirements to keep your swimming pool in pristine condition and functional. From vacuuming to maintaining proper water chemistry levels, swimming pools require consistent upkeep. One way to keep your swimming pools filter system in working order is through the use of backwashing, or reversing the flow of water through the filter to remove any built-up contaminants.

As dirt accumulates in the swimming pool filter bed, resistance to flow increases, which causes a reduction in water discharge to the pool. When there’s no sufficient flow for proper water circulation, or when the pressure gauge indicates a pressure rise above the clean pressure, it’s probably time to routinely clean the pool filter. Another necessary time to backwash your pool water is after killing algae bloom or when treating cloudy water. It’s essential to remember that you should wait to add chemicals to the pool until after you’ve backwashed as the process will dispose of some existing water in the pool.

Backwashing your filter is like emptying your vacuum cleaners canister or bag. When that gets full, your vacuum cleaner no longer has the same cleaning ability. It’s the same with a sand filter.

We provide a solution to save water when doing this process.

We install a tank which captures your backwash water then once all the sediment has settled inside the tank you can recycle 90% of the water back to the pool and only loose a little bit with the actual dirt inside.

You are not only doing your bit for the environment but are saving money to by putting back the water you have saved together with the chemicals that still remain in the water instead of them landing up in the sewage system.

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